I am a Machine Learning Research Scientist at Apple.
I got my PhD degree from the University of Waterloo, where I worked with Ming Li on language modeling and unsupervised machine learning methods.
Before that, I worked with Chengqing Zong on spoken language understanding during my master’s study.

In general, my research investigates how to represent language for computing. Lately, I am obsessed with language modeling which represents language via neural computing for its unsupervised and task-agnostic nature. I am also interested in multilingual problems and acoustic sequence modeling.

My past works concern modeling text and speech sequences to achieve lower perplexity, better generation, and benefit downstream language tasks; specifically, we address the problem of modeling text and text-speech sequences with Transformer-based language models. My favorite works during my Ph.D. study are Segment-Aware Language Modeling, Hypernym-Instructed Language Modeling, and Alignment-Aware Acoustic and Text Modeling.


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